Why I closed my personal Facebook page 4/9/14

Recently I have been getting very irate with Facebook, the way we feel we have to compete between each other for certain things, why posting a practically half naked “selfie” would get more attention then one of someone in need, how, if we were in need with a dramatic status, would be inundated with comments simply saying “You O.K?”, most just commenting to just trying to be nosey and gossiping.

Facebook taught me (my own view) not to trust people, you tell someone something personal and find out they are already talking to 10 other people with what you’ve just said.

Facebook, admittedly, depressed me somewhat. I will openly agree it gave me the case of the green eyed monster, seeing bad people getting everything for nothing, seeing people far prettier than me when I don’t get 5 spare minutes in the morning to slap on a bit of make up, seeing how much freedom people had to do as they please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these people, it made me hate myself, how I could have tried harder to better myself and fighting with the thought of “you shouldn’t have to better yourself”…. that thought soon gave up trying to convince me when I crammed chocolate in my mouth.

Other things, competing with others, feeling I had to post certain things to get people to like me more. Even though I keep saying to myself “why should I let others thoughts worry me”, the fact is, there are times when we do, its human nature to wonder what people felt or thought, but the little things I cared about just piled on top of me and started to spiral out of control. All I asked of my friends was honesty, constructive criticism, the balls to come out and say when they think I have done something wrong, instead, people continued to say nothing, to lie. 

I snapped!

I don’t need anyone’s approval of whom I delete, I don’t need your approval if I decide I want a cup of tea, I don’t need to wang my tatties out in order to get approval or because you ask me to, comparing who’s looks nicer, and I certainly don’t need you psychologically pushing me to post the things you want to see.

Right, with that out of the way….. lets begin this shizzle……..