Too dumb to blog

Today i am not in a good mood.

Why do I continue to write something no one is interested in?

Not even my own husband has seen this even though he keeps saying he will, the whole point of me deactivating my Facebook profile was to have more time and feel better yet the time I wasted on Facebook, I waste on here, just like Facebook, I get disheartened when even my friends cant be bothered to read what I type…. I think this experiment has lead me to realising in reality, no one cares, unless its juicy gossip or a need to themselves, people are quite selfish.

I think this will be the last blog from me, I needed to do this to realise what time I’m wasting.

Blogging to keep off social networks was a waste of time as I’m racking up the hours just as much as that. Maybe I’m just too dumb to blog.

I’ve decided to deactivate my personal Twitter also, the only ones I’ll have are the ones for my business and to be used that way only. Welcome to the harsh reality of life.


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