Its been a week…


So, a quick review on how its been a week after no personal Facebook profile…. vile, but getting better.

Why do I sum it up with that word? Because it seems like if you want to have a decent social life, you need to stay connected. If someone is throwing a party, the first thing they do is set up an event and add everyone on their Facebook list, if you’re not on it, chances are you’ve been forgotten.

Every day your reminded about it, bumping into friends saying “hey, did you see status?”, or “find us on Facebook”, or “you really missed out on what happened last night”.

As much as Facebook angered me, I miss it, yet I seem to be filling the addiction with other things such as this blog, game apps, computer gaming and not on productive things like crafting for the business and with the kids, reading like I wanted to. They say the average social networker spends about 7.2 hours a day engaging in something and most of that time being on Facebook, the first couple of days this time really decreased for me but its slowly creeping back up, which wasn’t the plan, but I’m going with the flow to see what happens.

I dont even know if anyone is paying attention to any of my blogs but its nice to be able to type this stuff somewhere.

Mood wise, except contemplating what to do half of the time and wasting the day being bored, my mood has been up and down like a yoyo, one minute I’m feeling low, wanting someone to talk to and no one being available on Skype, I dont like personally vocally talking on the phone, no credit to text etc but on the days I feel happy its great, I get the house cleaned faster because I’m not distracted by notifications.

So I decided to put the phone down all together, buckled down with the cleaning, greeted the kids as they came home from school, gutted out my work desks ready for when I start crafting again, hosed the kids down and felt a load better then earlier.

So, to round it all up,

Do I miss Facebook? Yes.

Do I feel better about not having it? Getting there.

Do I feel better that I’m more motivated when my face is not glued to the screen? Yes.

So a week is done now, 3 more to go but I need a new target, something to plod on through the week instead of making every day a boring blog about the same thing, I doubt anyone will read this but your more than welcome to put forward a suggestion, anything to focus doing next week that will keep me distracted from social networks.


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