Losing a day to Sims 4


I’m writing this blog from my phone so I apologise for any spelling and grammar, also watching Pokèmon, teaching the younger ones.

By the time I had put down my laptop from playing Sims 4 my eyes felt like they were BURNING! So I didn’t have he energy to blog last night, so… you get 2 from me today.

So yesterday was pretty uneventful, except waking up after a welcomed lie in to find my husband had bought and installed The Sims 4!

I thought it would only be fitting to test to see if the graphics worked and to see if there was any bugs in it, you know, so I can make sure I play it…

So I set up a female character, short red mohalk hair, full of tattoos (ish), kind of a rock chick type character, bookworm, geek and musical and set an easy aspiration (soul mate). The graphics, even turned down to low on the laptop it looked great, I liked most fine tuning all the facial features by hand though the extra fine detail options so your Sim is more unique, even down to the way they walk! Now to the hardest part of the game… choosing a name…

After what seemed to take most of the morning, Elizabeth Rouge was created.

I started of in a pre build house in a little neighbourhood to get used to how it worked and to get used to the controls. One thing i noticed was the town was smaller, less houses and sectioned out in neighbourhood’s, you can freely walk around your neighbourhood butbif you want to knock on on someone’s door, you have to “travel/visit” and await a loading screen. If you want to travel to a different neighbourhood, again, you had to travel and await a loading screen, unlike the previous Sim game where you could basically walk from your house to the main town.

First thing I did was get her to read and learn a geek skill in gaming. There are a lot more skills to learn in this one. Emotions are cleary seen on the Sims face which is a bonus and the use of extra emoions can help, you can take a “thoughtful shower” to inspire your Sim, when your Sim is inspired, they can create better art work, when confident, can improve your comedy skill and cheer up others quicker etc.

After getting to know everything in my small house I took off to find interaction, found a small community garden, stole various ingredients from it and ended up chatting with someone, the one on one conversation turned into a four way group conversation which is a new feature, my Sim got very friendly with one woman who constantly called my mobile to see if I was in, ended up having a relationship with her and she moved in, quickly got bored of her hot headed temper and laziness and broke it off…. she was indeed a woman scorned…

After that I decided to move to the other town (by the way, I soon found out that both towns mingle with each other and started seeing her around the town center), but decided to motherlode this bad boy! The building features take a while to get used to but make the building experience a lot easier, disappointed with the roof abilities as you can’t set the roof height so had to opt for a flat tiled roof. If you want to move a room its simple enough, just click it and move the whole lot, simple!

My eyes were drained after a day with The Sims so I snuggled under the duvet and watched Sin City, picked up my phone to write an epic status about Sims 4….. dag nabbit! Habbits die hard!


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