Gluing your phone to your face!


Today was a day to do the shopping.

*Insert childish groan here*.

Todays routine:

1) Get up,
2) Walk across the landing half naked because not wanting to pee myself took priority over putting on a bra (logical thinking would have been to take the bra with me but no one is that smart after just waking up),
3) Get kids up,
4) Cram their faces with cereal,
remembering which uniform goes on what child,
5) Get them dressed,
6) Turn around youngests jumper because I put it on backwards,
7) Ship both older ones off,
8) Drag both younger one to pre school,
9) Skip home merrily,
10) Drag husband out of bed and
11) Get on the bus.

Sitting on the bus, trying to stay occupied due to deactivating facebook 6 days ago (at least I’m not counting the minutes and hours now), I look around at my fellow bus adventurers, husbamd has his face in the newspaper, two old ladies are chatting and the other half a dozen have their faces lit up…. hold on….lit up?

As they shuffled around I finally noticed this wasn’t some kind of virus, they just had their faces in their phones, thumbs going ten to the dozen, pausing to briefly snort a little puff of comical air from their nostrils and carry on, one person waiting at a stop along the way didn’t even realise the bus had pulled up beside him because he was glued to his phone.

Beeps and buzzes is all I hear for the rest of the journey, and occasionally the 2 old ladies chatting about funerals and the smell of hospitals.

Arriving at town, the scene was no better, mothers pushing screaming children in pushchairs and almost running people’s feet over because they weren’t looking where they were going or where too busy in their phone to console their child, one man attempting to blindly reach a bin a few times before he finally looked and placed his rubbish in, quite a few relying on their sense of direction as they troddled off down the street, shop staff not realising customers had come in because something on their phone kept them intrigued, people slowing down to increase concentration etc.

Have we developed a sixth sense to help us travel in the right direction whilst preoccupied?

People have stopped walking into doors and lamp posts like they used to when they constantly texted one another.

People used to go to town and meet up with each other to vocally talk face to face, its happening less and less because they know everything that goes on in their lives due to social networking so there is nothing to discuss. Before, if I wanted to find out what a friend did, I’d browse their profile, take the easy way round it, now, I’ve hardly spoke to anyone, because I’m building up events and topics to talk about when I contact them or see them.

I had enough of stepping out of the way and dodging the zombie like phone people so left and went home.

Ended up watching funny cat and dog videos with the family… Internet winner!

Now to fry my brain with a bit of Metal Gear!


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