Seeking Distraction

The other day I mentioned in my blog that I bought a 60 gig PS3, I was so happy, it meant I didn’t have to keep switching cables to play previous PlayStation console games….. guess what……. It turned out to be faulty *insert excessive crying emotion here*. It kept overheating, and switched itself off during game play and the fans were screeching on full power. Yes it is a problem that could maybe be fixed, but we didn’t know anyone local enough to do so, after forking out the money for it in the first place, we didn’t want to spend much more on it and its known that if they break once, they are bound to break again in the near future. After packing it away in the bag Saturday evening we thought “oh hold on, we’ll need the receipt”…. You can guess what happened here! After spending a good few hours hunting high and low for this crucial piece of paper, under every rock, in every forbidden crevice, we called it a night. Sunday… We cleaned up the mess we had made the previous night and carried on our search…. even gutted out the bedroom whilst moving everything around….. nothing. We noticed there was a bar code on the underside of the PS3, we hoped this was enough to at least exchange it for another one of equal value. This morning (Monday) we got the kids up and dressed, eldest walked off to school, then the second eldest, we had agreed to go straight into town when the 2 younger ones were dropped off at Pre-School, got their coats on, picked up lunch boxes and the bag containing the PS3, just about to walk out the door then notice a piece of paper on the bookshelf…… IT WAS THE RECEIPT! We had checked the bookcase over and over, even pulled it out to have a look behind and underneath so no idea how it ended up there, without question it too much and breathing a sigh of relief, we headed out the door, dropped the kids off and headed into town.

Got there, exchanged it for a 120 gig PS3, popped back home, set it all up, updated and signed in again, went to play a game…. and it wouldn’t read disks…..DAG NABBIT!

Picked up the kids from pre-school and headed back into town, exchanged it for another, spent far too much round town because the little magpies we call our children spotted cake… They are cake mad! Came back home, set it all back up again, updated and signed in again and breathed a sigh of relief again as it was working perfectly, as it should.

P.S. If any gamers are reading my blog, please feel free to add me on PSN or XBox360 – CwootieCreature 😉

Finished the day the usual way, nothing special, got the kids to bed, sat down, started the blog, at least I’ve had enough to do to keep my mind occupied, now sat here thinking what else to do, something interesting to write about…. *twiddles thumbs*…. *picks up phone to check Facebook*……..oh dag nabbit!


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