Am I attention seeking? Am I Seeking Attention!!! Look at me! Read me! PAY ATTENTION TO ME OR I WILL DESTROY MY BLOG!

Soooooooo sorry I forgot to blog yesterday…. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, says it all really….

Facebook seemed to be everywhere today, like an unrelenting force trying to pull me in! Sundays are so laid back, all we usually do is watch TV most of the day, Cartoon Network over powers the screen and after 5 minutes of it being on you find yourself giggling at something extremely stupid and unrelated to the topic that’s just been mentioned. CBeeBies is another channel that seems to be the focus of the screen, the bright shiny colours and catchy tunes make you want to bash your brains out, yet, hypnotises you, makes you feel happy about yourself till “moments” later you realise you’ve been watching it for a hour and you’ve been left on your own to do so whilst the kids are building a fort upstairs…. cheers kids!

So, being bored out of my skull and with the kids occupied and me needing to keep my mind of Facebook, I looked round my room and realised my work desk was too far from the bed, its sooooo far away from my bed…. well… maybe a few feet but I had it in my head I wanted it closer so that after an evening of crafting I could just literally roll into bed! 

Well…… that killed 2 hours, between acting out scenes from The Chuckle Brothers (“To me, to you.”) and a classic Laurel and Hardy sketch between me and the husband, my desk was in its designated spot!

The husband was back and forth on his Facebook account, messaging a million people and commenting on anything he saw, an event had kicked off on a group we were both part of the admin team for. I almost….ALMOST activated my profile again to console, nose and laugh at parts of what was happening, but a niggling feeling in my brain reminded me I’m not supposed to be on, almost like a slap round the head, so I backed away from the phone, huffing and puffing because they have been told to wait.

I only have contact details for a few of them from the group, I had posted my details on a few occasions and told them I was going but only a couple of people replied…. Which got me thinking….

The many posts I made with great information, awesome facts and serious news never really seemed to go noticed yet if I posted about having a poopie, posted a funny meme or arguing with someone, everyone got involved, especially when there was drama involved, so many people wanted to have a gossip about drama, real life people they knew not serious world problems, because its human nature to be curious, and some wanted gossip to have an excuse to laugh about your situation.

But people often did….. 

Before I deactivated my profile I had come to the conclusion that ANYONE who uses a social media site or ANYTHING that can be seen by someone is seeking some kind of recognition…. seeking attention! Think about it, if we didn’t want anyone to see it, we would write in a diary, but if we wanted to write something, to seek approval, we post it online…. 

Obviously, like all aspects of life, there are many forms of “Attention Seeking”, for example :-

Mild – Those who use unfamiliar sites to themselves, such as myself using Word Press, this is my first ever blog, I use it once a day (unless I miss a day, then my followers have a double whammy of my rants) but have told no one I’m writing it, I’ve been so used to someone seeing what I write and its a place to show progress, those who have a few friends and speak to them about normal things and situations and those who barely use any social media sites. “Enjoying the attention of others is socially acceptable in some situations” – Wikipedia quote, so its normal, right? To want to be noticed by someone?

Normal – Those who tend to use social media sites often-ish, ranging from a couple of times a day, posting once or twice to a few times and spending a good hour on the sites, speak to friends on a daily basis, post a photo now and again, occasionally tell people what they are up to or accumulate all their thoughts at the end of the day in a post.

Bad – Is on a social media site most of the day, posting something more then a few times in the day, speaking about personal life but not giving out any real answers as to what has happened or giving hints, having your phone vibrating every 5 minutes due to notifications.

EXCESSIVE! – Posting about EVERYTHING you do, spending all day with your face in your phone/computer, stopping real life situations because you received a notifications, fabricating something that has happened to make it sound much better/worse then it actually was, creating negativity and unnecessary drama everywhere possible, posting 10,000 selfies (not the actual number but you get my drift) and saying “I’m ugly” whilst posing half nude or flexing to get an ego boost…. you know what, I’ll just let this Urban Dictionary definition do the rest of it, please be warned, that link can offend some as it contains offensive words and definitions.

Lets face it, we all know someone in the excessive category, so we all know what to look out for, unfortunately, its these types of people who tend to stir negative emotions in ourselves whether its actively directed at us or not, and their tends to be a lot of people like this, seeing negative things makes us depressed, if not a lot, then a little, imagine one depressing post after another, it will slowly wear you down more and more. For instance, Robin Williams, when he passed away my news feed was flooded with “R.I.P’s” and pictures, for those that adored him as much as I, this was depressing, all I wanted to do was watch films he starred in and cry into a pillow for days, every time I saw something, for those of you who despised him, I bet it made you angry that your news feed was filled with all of this? Exactly my point, if you see something you deem negative, it will eventually turn you temporary negative, the power of suggestion in a way. Imagine if all you saw was things that made you happy….. you, in turn, will feel a whole lot better in yourself, unfortunately the world doesn’t work like this.

Pretty much most of us crave attention in some way at some point so we rush to social media sites to fulfil our desires.

So try this…. Turn your mobile phone and computer off, put it down and go see someone, I shall leave you with this article I found to help you see why you should spend less time on Facebook, its eventually working for me.

Reasons to delete your Facebook App


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