The ability to change your Destiny?

“You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, if at all?”


I know this isn’t a usual blog from me but I couldn’t resist.

A recent question asked by The Daily Post titled Advantage of Foresight got me thinking… (And yes, for those who are wondering, it did hurt!)

Having 4 children, I only want the best for them, like any parent would, would I want to predict their future to see if they have taken a good path in life or a bad one so I can help change it?

A simple answer…. Yes, in a heart beat!

Next question, how far into the future would I want to predict? I am a firm believer in experiencing the bad things in life and learning from your mistakes and I know if I saw something bad, a mother’s instinct would immediately kick in and I’d want to divert them from making a mistake.

I know curiosity would get the better of me and I would immediately look into all 4 of my children’s futures, about the age when each of them would be 18, to see how my current parenting skills have been moulding them into adults and to see what paths they are choosing for themselves – 4 days gone…

If all goes well and they are still in contact with me by then, I would sit them all down when they are 18 and ask them how far into their futures they would want to know – Another 4 days gone…

Part of me would want to be able to predict my own death, out of curiosity, to see how long I had left and how I died, but if I did this first my prediction would be off by 4 days due to having 1 day taken away for each of the children’s predictions then again when they are 18, and if I’m having to change anything in the immediate predictions, my own predictions about my death could be changed, the whole “Butterfly Effect” thing. Curiosity would always get the better of me anyway, I am weak like that, so I would check twice, once after each lot after the children’s predictions, just to make sure I’m still around… but even then the prediction would be compromised as you wouldn’t know if the day that’s taken off you is exchanged before or after your prediction is made… confusing, isn’t it? So what would be the point? If you predicted you were ran over by a car, making the initial prediction would make you die the day before the car accident… so it wouldn’t happen so you’d die of something else…

And, of course, I’d want to see if my marriage lasts through the golden years or wither away.

If someone falls ill, I’d want to make sure they pulled thought, another day gone.

You start talking to a new friend, you might want to see if that friendship will last – Another day gone!

But if you saw the friendship wouldn’t last, you might want to break it off there and then and miss out on opportunities, memories and life lessons.

If you saw anything bad, would you want to change it and cause a Butterfly Effect?

Would their be any point in any prediction?

Would we actually be able to change anything?

Question is… can you truly say you wouldn’t let curiosity get the better of you? Curiosity did kill the cat after all…. 


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