48 hours later….

I survived 48 hours without Facebook!!! Achievement unlocked!!!

Admittedly it has been a little hard today. Woke up, picked up phone to check…. DAG NABBIT!

Spent the rest of the morning grumpy but at least I didn’t have any mad rush to sort out the school run, so I proceeded to drag my feet around the house, left the husband in bed because I knew I’d take my PFS (Post Facebook Syndrome) out on him and dove right into cleaning.

After cleaning, sat down, picked up the mobile….no Facebook… DAG NABBIT!

I was surprised at the amount of applications that required a Facebook log in as I sought to fill the empty void, here is just a few…

Hay Day – Another annoying game app that refused me access unless I signed in.

Spotify – Because I had joined up with my account I couldn’t access it. Luckily I managed to change the settings and was able to screech along to my playlist.

Pinterest – Again, signed up with my account, it was a bit more difficult but managed to change details.

At this point I had given up with the apps I had and downloaded new games, Like Injustice and some paper folding game, just to fill the 5 minute gaps I get of peace and quiet whilst sat in the… “office”.

Woke the husband up at 11am, by this time I was calm enough to do so, after 10 minutes of doing his impression of a Zombie rising from the grave and realising that the pillow he was chewing on was not in fact a man’s arm, he checked his own Facebook. I sat with him whilst he spoke to some mutual friends, was read out a couple of mutual friends statuses and BAM! Instant headache!!! Stress headache followed by de-motivation, it was like the screen was draining me of my life force. I managed to pull myself away but it took a while to “recover”, I felt quite low for a while but had enough going on in the house to keep me occupied.

Flitting back and forth to my emails, I felt quite lonely, I was used to being able to get my hourly fix of social interaction and now it was gone. Its like watching a train wreck, then being told there was another wreck round the corner but being denied access but wanting to compare the difference between the two, curiosity can be quite an angry emotion.

My social interaction was satisfied by speaking to a friend who rang and a visit from a neighbour and felt a little better knowing that it was a one on one/face to face conversation instead of feeling like I was standing on a podium with a megaphone screeching out what I was up to with only a few people listening and the minority judging.

The afternoon bought along a different kind of interaction… from an 8 legged creature, a Wolf Spider to be exact. The little ones screamed and instantly jumped up on the sofa whilst I placed a cup over the mutated monster and found a glass jar for it. The younger ones absolutely love creepy crawlies, as long as they are in a jar. As my almost 3 year old studied it with great detail, I took a photo, clicked “upload” – “PLEASE LOG INTO FACEBOOK”…. DAG NABBIT! 

Home made lasagne for dinner, very proud of my creation, took a photo, clicked “upload”…. BLOODY DAG NABBIT!

Had a couple of emails from friends today confirming I had the right details for them, was too emotionally traumatised and drained by the time it came to reply.

I had realised their was a few pages I forgot to get emails/web pages for a few companies I wanted to keep in touch with and it made me realise how much Facebook made life….Lazier! Easier! “Dont forget to like our page to keep up to date”, “Find us on Facebook for the best deals” and “Want to see our new products, find us on Facebook” was all I saw on passing vans, commercials and even general internet ads, its so much easier to remember a name then it is a web address or phone number, and I know a lot of people nowadays do not like talking over the phones, texting and instant messaging has spoilt us in that way and boosted our anxieties of one on one communication to save possible rejection and negativity. I for one don’t like speaking on the phone, I’m the Queen of Awkward Silences, usually my husband does the talking for the both of us, deals with phone calls and answering the door so I have drifted in that downward spiral myself, another reason why I felt the need to come off Facebook, to gain confidence.

All in all, I’m proud I beat my first goal of staying off my profile for 48 hours…. which reminds me… I will set up a page soon listing all goals I hope to achieve from this self experiment and what I want to push myself to do.

Right, I think that’s it…. back to twiddling my thumbs…


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