The first full day….

Wake up to the most annoying sound in the world…… the beeping alarm!

First thing I did….. went to check Facebook! DAG NABBIT!

Just like waking up to a strange, dribbling, unfamiliar face, I realising what I had done and felt aweful, Asking all the “what if…?”‘s and wondering what the world was up to, I slithered out of bed to begin my day.

With not having to waste my first half an hour of the day glued to the gossip of the grapevine I was able to wake the children up, sort packed lunches, dress them appropriately (this is usually a chore in itself with getting mixed up with all the uniforms), an start the first school run of the morning.

Walking with my eldest, who had just started High School, I was able to have a normal conversation with her. Usually I’d be still annoyed about a post someone had made on Facebook that morning and kept quiet, or had not woken up properly but I had noticed how already, I was unusually calm. Part of her school walk involves a footpath surrounded by a small field and a few trees and shrubs dotted, as we walked through we were both able to notice leaves falling around us and how it felt like Autumn is slowly creeping up on us. As she is still getting used to the long walk and memorising it, we were leaving/meeting her further and further from her school. She asked if she could walk by herself or with friends as of next week and that was the point it dawned on me, she was growing up quicker than I could keep up, and half of it I was missing due to constant notifications of (usually) someone’s opinion I couldn’t care less about (but felt the need to acknowledge). The featured picture was made via an app called “Ku” in honour of my eldest daughter.

So getting back home and packing the rest of the children at their schools I realised I needed to keep occupied. Dragging the husband from his pit, we headed to town.

The bus ride is always boring so I pull my phone out of my pocket for some more Farm Hero Saga……”LOG INTO FACEBOOK”… DAG NABBIT!

I pull my phone out whilst sat in Costa, checking the time and went looking for the Facebook app button, realising I had deleted it to help avoid temptations……DAG NABBIT AGAIN!

So, needing to keep my mind occupied, and with my birthday coming up, I was treated to a PS3 60 gig. I sold my beloved 60 gig last year to pay for my phone bill so I can keep in touch with people via texting and on Facebook, realising how stupid now that had been. I love my gaming, new and retro and it broke my heart to have to sell it. Carefully carrying it back home all I wanted to do was sequel and skip down the path with glee! Got home, set it up, took a picture and upload to Faceb…… DAG NABBIT!

After schools had finished and the children were running around the house I slumped into the chair. I had various random conversations that made no sense with our almost 3 year old, sat and listened to our almost 4 year old repeating that her birthday is soon and watched our 8 and 11 year old fight like cat and dog but being so witty and quick tongued with the very mild insults I had realised that I had missed a lot of the little bits these children did, all it takes is a few seconds to create awesome memories.

After day one I have discovered already I am a lot more chilled out then normal, I must have gone to check my Facebook over 20 times to be highly disappointed though but mainly, I’m wondering if people had noticed I had gone, and if they had, what were they saying?

I emailed the few contacts that inboxed me before I had left, checking I wrote down the right emails, adding a few to my contacts list, by constantly checking my Hotmail for social interaction I think I may have worn down my F5 key….

That’s the point in time I thought “maybe I should blog about this?”, make a few goals etc, so, here we are….


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