Deactivation Day 4/9/14 @ 22.14

After putting numerous posts asking for peoples contact details such as Skype, Email, phone numbers etc I didn’t get very many… the joys of how Facebook is laid out (Le Sigh).

So, at 22.14 I decided I wasn’t waiting any longer…. goodbye cruel world, woe is me, blah blah blah….bye.

I sat contemplating how long it would take me to re-activate my profile…. I gave myself 48 hours…. How bad is that?

I had spotted a bar of Oreo Dairy Milk. “oh a couple of pieces wont hurt”, famous last words….

After wondering if anyone had noticed I had gone, I reached blindly for another piece of chocolate, only to be faced with an empty wrapper. DANG NABBIT! Whole bar…. eaten…. I cried inside, just a little, it was way to tasty to dwell on it too long.

I sat on my phone clearing various unused phone apps I never or no longer played, cleared a few blurry photos that I attempted to take of my children running around like they had consumed far to many E-numbers, crawled into bed and decided it was too early to sleep, in my eyes, its always too early to sleep. I didn’t have the mental capacity to craft anything so I sat again with my phone and loaded up Farm Hero Saga, to be faced with “LOG IN TO FACEBOOK!”, I cried a little again as I realised I could not beg for extra lives and drag people down with me into the epically annoying world of meaningless apps.

I still needed some form of profile due to having a business like page but I made a back up profile with no friends on it, just so I can continue to engage with the little over 1,500 fans I had and continue to promote my business but it’ll only be used for that sole purpose, I will happily give people the profile link to check up that I am only using it for that purpose and not to engage in anything else.

I became Admin of a few groups, one called Banter Trader, I made friends with a load of them, made enemies, but that’s what having an opinion can bring, but it was just that… banter… nothing was to be taken seriously but it was somewhere to vent and “affectionately insult” each other. Another was Always Gaming, a small game group set up to sell, buy and discuss anything game related, became good friends with the other Admin and even had late night chats with one of them. T.G.G (Tamworth Gaming Group) is my brothers gaming group, more like a local community in our home town to discuss games and get to know each other. Lastly, Alternative Creativity! People showing off hand made alternative items, the group creator is a very good friend of mine and we both made alternative products and loved looking at others work. I will miss the group discussions but advise you go take a look.

I am a mother of 4 with a failing at home business, socially anxious and like video games, what could have possibly gone wrong? With my face stuck in my phone half the time I felt, as with the reasons stated in the other blog page, I was neglecting life.

So I decided to do this self social experiment to see if at least one month could change my outlook, improve emotions and productivity. It felt like I was loosing an arm, It was an addiction, being able to watch peoples lives from the comfort of my own home. The decision came after I had read a few articles explaining how Facebook can cause trust issues, obsessive compulsive desires and behaviours, and all types of mental instabilities and illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

My husband is still active on his profile and I don’t want him to change that, I want him to carry on, to make up his own mind about it.

I do however, have twitter, I am no where near as active on that and that’s how it will stay, I believe its no where near as personal as Facebook is.

I want to be able to remember things, such as Birthdays, by myself, speaking of Birthdays…. I’ve just remembered I’m not going to get inundated with birthday messages on my wall this month, it will be interesting to see how many people remember…..


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